We're here to make you look good. (And have fun doing it!)

Every sign or design we deal with is different and unique. With fresh challenges coming up every day, we’re always on our feet.

If you have a crazy idea for a design, we would love to help make it a reality!

Signs & Designs is under new local ownership as of February 2020. Read more here.

Interested in joining our team? We’re always interested in talented, creative people who are looking for variety and a fun team environment! Email us here.

David Schachterle – The Expert

Dave founded Signs & Designs in 1981. From hand-lettering panel signs in the garage, to overseeing welding, digital printing and a small fleet of vehicles, Dave is a true artist. He sold the company to the Barbers in 2020 and now focuses on creating masterpiece signs.

Joe Barber – The Numbers Guy

Likes to be referred to as the Grand Poobah. Sales guy, numbers guy, manufacturing expert and owner. He’s a big fan of staying focused, paying the bills and vintage Jeeps. #Itsan’87

Melissa Barber – The One Who Loves Marketing

Loves getting creative, coming up with awesome marketing ideas, making work fun and donuts. Definitely donuts. If you’re looking for creative help beyond a sign, check out her other job: Melissa Barber Marketing.

Von Syhlman – The One Who Really Runs Things

If you stop to visit, chances are you’ll see Von first – keeping track of production and calmly getting the job done in the midst of daily chaos. From expert design to welcoming customers, she does it all!

Brian Moyna – The Master of the Digital Printing World

Just ask him. 🙂 Will consult with you, design and build you an amazing sign, wrap your vehicle and crack (bad) jokes the entire time. If a crazy guy answers the phone and gives you a hard time, you’re talking to Brian.


Rock Star Installers and Fabricators:

Josh Petersen – Lead Installer

Runs the crane truck, bosses little Joe around, and looks for every excuse to buy new tools. In addition to being sign install experts, together he and little Joe are social media sign influencers (what? you’ve never heard of that??) known as the #dynamicduo and #JoshandJoe.

Joe Martindale – Installer

Also known as little Joe, JoJo or Josh’s sidekick. Loves those jobs that are way, way up high! Often found crawling inside sign cabinets and spaces that require extra flexibility (aka Josh didn’t feel like doing it, so he made Joe go instead).

Walter Musel – Fabricator & Troubleshooter

Known for his fascinating stories, calm demeanor and a cameo in a legit Hollywood movie. And his stellar shop skills, of course!