School Spirit

Show Your School Spirit!

school banner
From monument signs out front to wall art inside, we can help you build team spirit and celebrate championships. You can also honor achievements and gifts, both past and present, with banners, plaques or donor walls.

Make Your School Walls Pop

Whether you need an athletic banner in your gymnasium or a mural to spark the mind in the library, we can help you design the sign that will stand out to your students, teachers and visitors.
Honor the athletic achievements, students or staff by getting a custom-designed plaque. You can get a message designed in cast iron letters to display in the place of honor. You can also have your mascot prominently displayed in a 3D molded plastic graphic.
Get more mural and banner ideas by getting a FREE consultation by our artists.

LED Message Centers

LED displays are a great way to share informational messages such as meetings, closings, or upcoming events. You can customize message centers to any size and shape you need.

Honor graduates

When graduation arrives, we can help honor your graduates with custom-designed yard signs. Perfect for a group display on campus or a walk down memory lane at a graduation party!