LED Message Centers

enjoy the ultimate flexibility of changeable messages

From time and temperature to time-sensitive messages, LED message centers allow you complete flexibility in your branding. Be ahead of your competitors and stand out, day or night.


Which option is right for you?

Digital displays use millimeters to determine clarity at certain distances. For close-up viewing, a smaller millimeter works better than a larger one. Choose full color or monochrome, depending on how you want to use your display. For true-to-life graphics, full color is best.

Mobile digital sign at library

Mobile LED Sign

Looking for a mobile option? Check out the rental options on our LED mobile trailer, perfect for big events or parties. We offer rental options from 1 to 5 days.

LED signs range widely in size and costs. In general, single color text-based displays are the most basic, affordable option.

We can also retrofit traditional changeable boards with digital displays, offering:

  • quick and easy message creation via web browser
  • dynamic message posting
  • affordability
  • simplified installation

Talk to us today about your situation and we’ll do our best to find the best solution together.

For clients who have more advanced needs, the next step up offers high-res graphics and full color. Prices range depending on size and whether you need it visible for walk-up or drive-by traffic.

Large, full-color message displays offer high resolution with outstanding images and a cloud-based software. These signs provide:

  • exceptional, eye-catching brightness
  • the highest contrast in the industry
  • excellent color blending